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Each month is represented by a symbolic flower; each painting composed to be in harmony with each other painting. The color story is unified, the composition balanced. Whether you decide to be one of only a few people who purchase an original painting, or you'd like to have several of these flowers as fine art prints or stationery, I hope that this collection reminds you of how time moves quickly, how we are each touched by that passage and we mark and commemorate the changes of each season. 

About this flower:

Snowdrops: Galanthus, Snowdrop. From ancient Greek. Snowdrops often spring and purity and the flower stands for "hope" (Read more about Snowdrops here!) 

About this painting: 

8"x10" original watercolor painting on hot-pressed watercolor paper

About the collection: 

Up in New York, where I was born and raised, the beginning of Spring and seeing those first daffodils and tulips and the first signs of life blossoming on trees was such a relief to me. I struggle with dark, cold, gray winter weather, and it was a welcome gift to see the earth warm up and start to bring forth beautiful life again, you know?

And then to watch as peonies give way to lilacs, which give way to rhododendrons and roses, which give way to lilies and dahlias and zinnias and so on and so on...I have found that rhythm comforting and reliable. Whatever else goes on in the world or in our own lives, there is something about the consistent schedule of growth and rebirth and passing seasons that really resonates with me.

And then I found myself thinking about the months of cold and scarcity, both in nature and in flowers, but also in so many other areas of our lives. It is certainly harder to find the beauty in the bleak and frozen months of winter, but there is beauty to be found there. Not the saturated, glorious depth of high summer, but in small berries left behind on cedar branches, or the first glimpse of a crocus popping up, kind words, gentle friends.

There is beauty to be found in each season if we make a point of looking for it.

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