I never thought I could paint. 

That probably sounds familiar to a lot of you. I hear from students all the time that they can't even draw a stick figure, that they have no talent, that they're not creative. 

I never thought I could paint, either, but a few years ago as I struggled with anxiety and was looking for something to occupy my hands and something new to do with my mind...my dad gave me some watercolors. 

That, friends, was a lifesaver. With lots of free time, hours of practice, and a love of flowers, I truly believe that God gave me a gift when I most needed this very thing. 

It's a result of that experience that I also know anyone can paint or draw or express themselves creatively. Now, I've taught many hundreds of people, and there are similar themes that emerge during classes: we question our own abilities, we are too hard on ourselves, we expect perfection and consider all else as failure. 

But no, friends. You and I were created to create, and there is much joy and freedom to be found in the process if you'll let it happen. 

There are lots of stories I could write in an "about" section. I could list dry facts (my birthday is in December, I grew up in a small town, I lived all over Europe, and I have a law degree!). I could make up some funny FAQS. I could bullet-point some interests. But this is what I want to say: there is nothing about me that is inherently An Artist, except that I love to create and I spend a lot of time doing it. So, if you also dream of picking up a brush and expressing yourself, let me know--I'm working on a lot of lessons and tips and tutorials just for you.

Or, if you enjoy hand-crafted artwork with a unique and special story behind it, please consider the original paintings, fine art prints, or commissions available.

Until next time, remember: beautiful art is for everyone!