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Spring Pansies {The Archives}

Spring Pansies {The Archives}

Spring Pansies {The Archives}



Approx: 12x16

This painting really embodies those first few springtime blooms to me. I love the layers and layers of purple it took to create the luminous quality that those first pansies have. 

The price is without the frame. The painting is custom matted and framed in a black frame, if you'd like to include that or see what it looks like, just let me know. The shipping and handling will be slightly more. 

The paintings labelled "The Archives" are featured paintings from the last couple years. Many of them I've had hanging in my own home, some I brought to markets but never made available online, and others turned up almost a year after moving to Texas in an unlabelled box!

They are priced to sell as I have new paintings to hang in their places and new ideas to explore. I hope you love them as I have!