Realistic Botanical Watercolor : 4-Week Class Series


It's here! A higher level class designed for students who take their watercolor practice seriously. This series will take place over four weeks, with the chance to discover new techniques and hone your abilities. 

Is this class for you? 

If you already know a bit about watercolor painting, have taken a beginner class or followed along tutorials on YouTube, but feel frustrated or confused about how to get better and to learn more--this is the class for you! Feel free to email me if you have any doubts about your ability to take this class and to make sure you're at the right skill level. You can reach me at

What will we be doing? 

We'll be painting realistic peonies! I've included a couple examples in the photos of realistic peonies I've painted over the years. What will that look like in class? A fully realized painting based on a photograph. During each week's lesson, I'll present the material, demonstrate and explain, and you'll have time to practice the new techniques with one-on-one help from me before moving to the painting you're working on over the course of the four weeks. Whatever you don't finish during the class time, you'll be able to finish at home before the next class. This course is not going to cover botanical drawing, and we'll discuss methods of tracing and using a light-box to achieve a good composition. 

I'm also going to be including some exercise sheets and printable information for attendees. I think you'll all enjoy having some take-home knowledge to refer back to! 

Here's a more detailed look at what we'll be covering: 

Week 1: Essential Techniques, Color Mixing, Composition

Week 2: Washes on Washes! Glazing, Layering, and Building Color and Contrast

Week 3: Foliage, Mixing Greens, Building in Shape and Depth

Week 4: Detailing, Textures, and Finishing a Painting 

Who else is going to be there? 

I'm keeping the class size small! I want to be able to help each person and be attentive, so there are only a handful of spots available. 

Please note: there will be some work required in between classes to prepare for the next week, and materials and supplies are not included in this class. After you sign up I will make a materials list available to you, including a few different sizes of brushes, the paint colors we'll be using, and the correct paper. 

When and Where: 

For now, I am only offering this on Sunday afternoons from 2-4 on February 23, March 1, March 8, and March 15 and Monday afternoons from 2-4 on February 24, March 2, March 9, and March 16. However, if there is interest in a Tuesday evening class, please let me know. If enough people request it, I will happily add it to the schedule! 



The McKinney Art Studio
101 E Lamar St, McKinney, TX 75069

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