Bridal Bouquet Watercolor Paintings

Immortalize your wedding bouquet with a beautiful painting; cherish a new daughter-in-law with a customized gift; transform your stationery with hand-painted details. 

There is so much planning and attention-to-detail that goes into the floral design of a wedding, but flowers, unfortunately, are fleeting. I am so lucky to be able to use my gifts to take this beautiful part of a wedding and turn it into a long-lasting, tangible painting that you can display for years to come.

There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate love and marriage, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to use my gifts to bring a new dimension of detail and thoughtfulness to your wedding or to the lives of your loved ones. 

There are different product packages available, including designs for invitations, programs, stationery etc. Prices listed reflect an 8"x10" realistic watercolor painting of a bouquet and a consultation to make sure we are envisioning the same thing! Please contact me with any questions or comments, I love to hear from collectors and friends and am open to discussing the details of your commission.