INTRO TO BOTANICAL DRAWING : Simple Florals at Mudleaf Coffee Co.

Join me at Mudleaf Coffee Co for a fun introduction to drawing your very own floral pieces! Come draw with me!

This is a beginner class for people who are ready to learn to draw for themselves! Starting at the very, very beginning, I'll be walking the class through the drawing supplies and materials you'll need to sketch and doodle botanical shapes of your own.

Using step-by-step methods, this class will have you drawing roses, lilacs, poppies, and more! Great for doodling, bullet-journaling, relaxing, and creating a foundation for your own original watercolor paintings.

This class is for you if you think you can't even draw a stick figure, or if you'd like to draw your own templates for watercolor paintings later! 

All materials are provided, as well as some useful handouts, a practice guide, and step-by-step instruction. This class also includes a delicious coffee or tea beverage from the talented folks at Mudleaf Coffee Co. 

    Check out the photos to see just a few of the options you'll have to paint at the class. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at 

    Hope to see you there! 




    March 7


    Mudleaf Coffee Co 




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