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Glory and Honor {The Archives}

Glory and Honor {The Archives}

Glory and Honor {The Archives}



Approx: 10x14

This is one of the first ink and watercolor pieces I did, and I focused on creating incredible depth and movement through line and ink work. I love the combination of the golden yellows and deep navy blues in this painting. To me, it is a regal combination and one that looks good year-round, but especially during the autumn.

The paintings labelled "The Archives" are featured paintings from the last couple years. Many of them I've had hanging in my own home, some I brought to markets but never made available online, and others turned up almost a year after moving to Texas in an unlabelled box!

They are priced to sell as I have new paintings to hang in their places and new ideas to explore. I hope you love them as I have!

Price does not include frame. It is possible to purchase with frame if you'd like. Let me know at