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Black and Pink: Gouache Florals

Black and Pink: Gouache Florals


 I know--this is pretty different from what I usually paint, but this collection is about finding beauty in the unexpected, and I thought a black background was a fun way to experiment! 

This canvas is approx. 12"x12" and is a really bright, eye-catching piece! 

This painting is part of the August 2020 collection "Gilded Florals" which was inspired by a desire to find and create something beautiful in the midst of a challenging year.

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of my work. I am so lucky to have great collectors to send my artwork to, and I love it when someone connects with my art and wants to create a home for it. Thank you! 

This painting is unframed. Many paintings in the Gilded Florals collection feature a raw-edged painted background. The size given is the size of the paper, but the paintings can each be framed to include or exclude the raw edges according to your preference. 

If you purchase more than one painting, the shipping costs will be combined the the remainder refunded to you. If you are in the Columbia County/NY region, you can opt for local pickup and $0 shipping by entering LOCALPICKUP at checkout.