July 29, 2019

Starting is the first hurdle, and it can be a big one. Which supplies should you buy? Which paper, brushes, and paints? How do you draw? What do you use? Where does the paint go? How do you get it from the palette to the paper? It can all be overwhelming and enough to make you give up before you even start. 

I love to teach beginners--it's so exciting to see you pick up your brushes for the first time and to see the looks on your faces when--an hour into a class--you already know 100% more than you did when you walked in the door! 

I've designed classes, tips, and tutorials to get you started on that road wherever you are, even if you can't attend a class in person. Keep reading to get the run-down on how to navigate the materials I've made available and make the most of them.